Derrick Rose gets another ankle sprain

by Scott on April 27, 2012

The Bulls All-Star, Derrick Rose, sat out Tuesday’s game against the NY Knicks with a right ankle sprain.  Derrick has had so many injuries (especially sprained ankles) this year and we have a feeling much of it stems from his ankle injuries and how it may have changed how he moves, jumps and runs.  For example, Derrick has also had a low of low back pain, which is very common when a person does not rehab an ankle sprain correctly.

How?  Well, when you sprain an ankle, it can negatively affect how you walk, run, stand and move.  And that changes, it can quickly lead to tweaks in other areas of the body, especially the knees, hips and low back.  As we all know, professional athletes do not usually have the time to rest long enough for an injury to properly heal and that usually leads to many more injuries.

It just goes to show you how important it is to resta nd rehab an ankle sprain and any other injury properly.  But, especially the ankles, when it comes to basketball are incredibly important.  Weak, unstable ankles will continue to sprain regulalrly until they are stable and strong.

So, learn from the example of others and take the time to rehab properly, so you don’t go down the same road!


Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger sprained ankle

by Scott on December 16, 2011

An ankle sprain hit Big Ben Roethlisberger playing against Cleveland.  Ben did what Ben does best… he ignored the pain, played on and won the game for the Steelers.  But now, a week later, he is paying the price.  The ankle cannot be played on after 1 full week of pro rehab.

The bruising is better, but playing in the NFL requires a lot of ankle mobility and strength.  And a weak ankle will not get it done.  Of course, you can tape it up and I am pretty sure that is what Ben will do.  Actually, it appears he had a custom brace made, which will also restrict natural and healthy movement of the ankle.  But, I caution Big Ben to wait, because taping that ankle may lead to a serious knee injury, God forbid an ACL tear.

And taping the ankle will make Ben much slower than if he allowed the ankle to heal to the point that he can move correctly and safely on it.  Well, this is the third practice he has sat out, but we will see if he plays on Monday night.  I suspect he will try and play.

And this is the big problem with pro athletes.  They do not let their injuries fully heal and they get back out there and over time, they get worse.  Eventually, they can lead to more serious injuries or become so impaired that the athlete cannot perform anywhere near their best.  And ignoring the pain will only take you so far.

I always advise athletes to ignore the pressure and take care of their bodies.  You have to heal yourself if you want to be in it for the long haul.  I believe Ben is getting top of the line rehab treatment, but sometimes, you just have to be patient and let the ligaments heal.  It pays huge dividends in the long run.

For all you fans out there and athletes, remember to let your injuries fully heal or they WILL come back to haunt you.


cristiano ronaldo ankle sprainMADRID: Real Madrid’s Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has suffered a left ankle sprain during last weekend’s 4-1 league win over Atletico Madrid, the Spanish club said.

Ronaldo did not train with his teammates on Tuesday after hurting himself being tackled by Atletico defender Luis Perea at the Bernabeu.

Ronaldo may be one of the biggest stars in the world of soccer (or football), but it does not mean he is any less at risk from an ankle sprain than anyone else. remember, ankle sprains are the #1 injury in sports, and extremely common in this sport as well. Running on uneven ground typically gives football athletes stronger ankles than let’s say, basketball athletes that only run on even ground.

But, considering the ground is uneven and the speed with which football athletes constantly sprint and move diagonally, ankle sprains are still very common. The best way to reduce the risk is by increasing strength and range of motion in the ankle. And the Prehab section of H.E.M. is the best way to accomplish that task.