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I sprained my ankle badly a few days ago getting off my small trampoline - I really hurt it, I could...


Heal an ankle sprain FAST with H.E.M.
You get instant access to the incredibly easy to follow step by step videos, so you can easily follow along and get the most out of H.E.M. Plus, you get the complete eBook too for reference at ANY time! And, you can view all the videos and eBook instantly on ANY computer, tablet or smart phone.

The Complete H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System combines the most advanced healing techniques into a safe and powerful 3 step program that speeds up the healing process dramatically AND significantly improves the quality of how well the ankle heals. How fast and well will the ankle heal?

Well, most people are able to get pain free within 3 - 7 days and most people find their ankles are stronger and have improved range of motion for increased agility, balance and speed.

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H.E.M. requires NO equipment and can easily be done at home in just a few minutes a day. Plus, H.E.M. was designed for ALL people of ALL ages and ALL types of ankle sprains. That means H.E.M. works for NEW ankle sprains as well as OLD ankle injuries.

We made sure H.E.M. is extremely easy to follow... you get instant access to our complete and very easy to follow video series where the creator of H.E.M., Scott Malin, will walk you through each step of the system. Of course, you also have the complete eBook at your disposal for reference too. We make sure it is incredibly easy for ANYONE to follow H.E.M. from the first moment until fully healed.

SNEAK PEEK: Check out Chapter 1 of the Step by Step Video Series

H.E.M. is used by thousands of people every day, including pro athletes for one reason... IT WORKS! We guarantee your complete satisfaction or get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

The ankle bone is held together by ligaments, not muscles. Since, ligaments are resistant to stretching and have poor circulation, improving mobility and circulation are essential to fast and proper healing. Since R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) decreases circulation and mobility in the ankle, healing is very slow (about 4 - 8 weeks) and in some cases, not complete. In fact, 30% of people who rely on rest and ice still have ankle pain 1 YEAR LATER*.

In contrast, H.E.M. provides a gentle, but powerful 3 step ankle rehabilitation program which eliminates pain quickly and heals the ankle properly. H.E.M. will teach you how to improve healthy circulation and reduce swelling while also increasing natural mobility, strength, and stability in the ankle joint.

You get Instant Access to The H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System: That means a very professional and simple to follow step by step video series you can access immediately after your purchase PLUS a full color eBook. The videos and eBook can be viewed on ANY computer, tablet or smart phone. Start healing immediately. GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW >>

Watch a short intro on the H.E.M. Rehab Ankle Sprain System

sprained ankle The H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System is incredible! I had used R.I.C.E. (rest and ice) in the past, but it really cannot compare in any way with the results I get with H.E.M. Not only does H.E.M. get my athletes back on the court quickly (usually a week or less), but it also significantly strengthens and protects their ankles. I strongly recommend it to anyone who has a sprained ankle.
- W. Slappy, Master Instructor, S.H.O.T.T.S. Basketball Academy

CHOOSE how FAST to heal your ankle sprain...

1) Just lay around, use rest and ice and WAIT for the ankle to try and heal itself. But, you will be waiting 1 - 2 months to get out of pain AND, 30% of people who rely on rest and ice still have ankle pain 1 YEAR LATER*.

Plus, if you go that route, once you "heal" the ankle will continue to be very weak and stiff. That means DECREASED speed, agility, balance and a much HIGHER risk of re-injury.

2) Use H.E.M., the most advanced ankle rehab system on earth to:

1) Get out of ankle pain quickly and safely.
2) Increase overall speed, agility and balance.
3) Decrease the risk of future ankle sprains.

HEM ankle rehab

My daughter stopped using crutches after 2 days of treatment and after 7 days was back to her full training routine, going on to win 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal in nationals. We all were amazed with such progress and her USA coach, a professional for 35 years, endorsed that he had never seen such a fast recovery.
- Ralph Goetz, Singapore

> Get out of pain FAST.
> Helps heal damage from ankle sprain.
> Significantly lowers the risk of re-injury.
> Improves foot speed, agility, balance.
> Improves ankle strength, mobility, stability.
> NO equipment needled (braces, wraps)
> Simple to do, takes just minutes a day.
> Do it at home or anywhere convenient.
> NO hassle 30 day money back guarantee.

Ankle Sprain

HEM ankle review

Many thanks for the book. It was a miracle! I sprained my ankle badly, the bruising was above my ankle bone & through to the other side. I followed the book more or less to the letter & within 4 days I was back out running again. My husband was also amazed & I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs it.
- Helen Christie, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Should I just rest and ice my ankle sprain?
NO. Wait, let's take a step back...

Okay, so you have an ankle sprain. It's painful, swollen, bruised and you are trying to figure out how long it's going to stay like this...

Well, it is YOUR CHOICE. It completely depends on how you CHOOSE to heal your ankle.

You probably know about R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and you may have used it before. If not, you need to know that it is the SLOWEST and WORST way to heal an ankle sprain... but why?

It's because R.I.C.E. is a PASSIVE form of healing. You basically just rest and wait for the ankle to try heal itself. The problem is the ankle CANNOT HEAL ITSELF. So, you end up waiting and waiting and waiting... yeah it's REALLY SLOW (1 - 2 months).

And remember, with R.I.C.E., even when you can walk and run again, your ankle will still be STIFF, WEAK, and UNSTABLE (because it healed very badly).

That means two things:

1) You will have reduced speed, balance, agility, etc... in sports and life.

2) You will have a HIGH RISK of RE-INJURY.

So, not only does R.I.C.E. take a REALLY LONG TIME, the ankle heals BADLY...

Look, it's not that we hate rest and ice, it's just that we know they have their time and place. But, to heal the ankle the right way, you need a rehab program that is gentle and safe, but still very powerful and ACTIVELY HEALS your ankle.

Ankle Sprain

What do we mean by healing the right way? We mean healing FAST (most people see significant results within 3 - 7 days and FULLY (eliminating scar tissue, swelling, bruising, pain AND regaining strength, mobility and and stability in the ankle.)

Remember, it's NOT all about speed. It's also about the QUALITY of the healing.

And that's what H.E.M. is all about. The healing techniques in H.E.M. use rest and ice sparingly and then go WAY BEYOND it with MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE techniques to heal your ankle BETTER and FASTER than R.I.C.E. or other ineffective ankle treatments.

It all comes down to this... H.E.M. heals an ankle sprain FASTER and BETTER than ANY other ankle treatment. And we GUARANTEE that or you get ALL your MONEY BACK!!

HEM sprained ankle

Thank You, Thank You. My daughter sprained her ankle very badly at school two weeks before her dance studio's first competition for 2008. Post x-rays, the doctor didn't feel that she would be able to be able to dance at the first and possibly the second competition. Desperate, I purchased your book. Amazing!!!! I'm please to share that not only was she dancing in only a week she finished her competition this weekend without any additional ankle support. Thanks again!!!
- Kimberly G, Ontario, Canada

Tell me how H.E.M. works. What are the THREE STEPS?

The 3 steps of H.E.M. are revolutionary. Check it out...

STEP ONE: Improve circulation
We know what you're thinking? Improve circulation? Aren't you supposed to ice your ankle to reduce circulation and swelling?

It's FLIES IN THE FACE OF WHAT YOU'VE BEEN TOLD, but Scott is kind of a genius and here's why...

Scott discovered that clinically speaking, ice only reduces swelling for the first 2 DAYS. That's just a FACT. After that, ice is a total WASTE of time.

So, knowing that, why in the world would you keep icing your ankle??????

But listen, we are NOT ice haters. It works for the first 48 hours, so do it. But after 2 days, move on to other things that work MUCH BETTER!

And that is exactly what step 1 is all about! Once you see the results from step 1, go ahead and chuckle at all the other knuckleheads still icing weeks after a sprain... we do.

The secret is to IMPROVE CIRCULATION. That is the first step at reducing the swelling and KICK STARTING THE HEALING PROCESS.

You have to get out all that waste that got STUCK in there. You want it GONE, so you can get fresh blood and helpful nutrients IN that will actively HEAL your ankle.

If you just kick back and rest and waste time icing the ankle, it will stay swollen for a REALLY LONG TIME, because practically no fresh blood or nutrients will be able to get in there to help you HEAL!


Most people cannot believe how much this simple step helps their ankle heal MUCH FASTER AND BETTER without doing ANYTHING else. Just this first step has revolutionized how people now heal an ankle sprain.

H.E.M. Ankle Sprain

These instructions are amazing! I went to the doctor and found out I had a stage 2 (out of 3) ankle sprain. I went looking on the web for a better treatment than R.I.C.E. and found H.E.M. After starting the treatment, I went bowling 4 days later without any problems. Now, exactly one week later, I have very little swelling and can walk without limping. I've had many sprained ankles in my life (I am a 55 year old woman) and I have never recovered so quickly!
- Leslie Rossetti, Orlando, FL

STEP TWO: Eliminate scar tissue, swelling, bruising and ALL that other junk

Just take a look at your ankle... it's NASTY, right?

You got all that bruising, swelling, etc. You can't just sit back and wait a few months for it to just get better on its own! You have to get in there and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

That's what step 2 is all about. It teaches you the absolute best PROVEN methods for eliminating scar tissue, swelling, bruising, etc... And just like step 1, it works FAST! Most people are shocked at how FAST it works and how much BETTER THEY FEEL after doing it just a few times!

Listen, if you just kick back and ice, rest, compress and elevate your ankle and WAIT for it to heal itself, how is it supposed to eliminate SCAR TISSUE? You do realize that you develop scar tissue after an ankle sprain, right?

If you don't do anything about it, the scar tissue just stays in there and gets worse over time. Remember, up to 30% OF PEOPLE STILL HAVE PAIN UP TO ONE YEAR AFTER A SPRAIN!*

You absolutely HAVE to break up and eliminate the scar tissue or your ankle will stay weak and stiff.


Fortunately, the second step in H.E.M. is effective at eliminating scar tissue AND reducing swelling and bruising FAST.

And like step 1, you can do it anywhere without ANY equipment. Most people see a significant improvement by THE NEXT DAY!

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Ankle Sprain

Thank you for your outstanding program. My daughter was just cleared by her orthopedic doctor to return to the soccer field 3 weeks from the date of the sprain with the injury originally diagnosed as a severe grade 2 and a time table of 6-8 weeks. The doctor was somewhat astonished. Our only problem now is the high school trainer who cannot come to terms with the injury healing that quickly. He is refusing to release her for another 4 weeks despite the orthopedic specialists' written release. It is a very unusual situation. Thanks again.
- William Busse, Oro Valley, AZ


An ankle sprain causes a lot of ligament damage which makes your ankle WEAK, STIFF and UNSTABLE. It is very important that you HEAL this damage or you will be SLOWER and at a HIGH RISK of another sprain.

By the way, a short cut most athletes take (and it's a HUGE mistake) is to tape, wrap or brace a damaged ankle INSTEAD of healing it properly. That just makes your ankles WEAKER and LESS stable.

Plus, you will probably start getting knee pain. And, you are SKYROCKETING your chances of an ACL tear in the knee which is WAY WORSE THAN AN ANKLE SPRAIN.

Did you know that 70% of ACL tears are non-contact injuries... it's because the ankle is no longer mobile (from the injury and brace), so the knee moves too far and tears.

Remember this: the ankle is supposed to be mobile and the knee is supposed to be stable. So, let's just keep it that way and you will have a MUCH LOWER RISK OF INJURY.

So, instead of a taking a short cut that could lead to a more serious injury, get your ankle strong, mobile and stable again so you can perform better and REDUCE the risk of injury!!

Okay, step 3 of the H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System makes sure you get your ankle back to FULL health. That means increasing strength, healthy range of motion and stability

H.E.M. is full of new and revolutionary exercises, stretches and more that accomplish this better than ANY other ankle treatment. And, you do not need ANY equipment, so you can do step 3 ANYWHERE.

All of the stuff in step 3 is super easy to do and Scott includes lots of high quality pictures and simple instructions so get the MOST out of each exercise and stretch! It works FAST and you will FEEL the difference!

And here is brand new HUGE BONUS! Scott JUST ADDED a whole NEW section to the system. It's called PREHAB.

Prehab means the stuff you do to AVOID having to do rehab. It's PREVENTATIVE! So, it's a whole new batch of stuff you can do ONCE YOUR ANKLE IS HEALED to continue improving strength, stability and mobility in your ankles.

Not only will it SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER the risk of future sprains, it will also DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE SPEED, AGILITY, BALANCE, JUMPING ABILITY and more...

Remember, your feet and ankles are the spring pad of your body. So, if they are strong and flexible, everything else will flow from there.

All in all, the H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System is incredibly thorough, but the beauty of it is that Scott ALWAYS KEEPS IT SIMPLE.

ankle pain

The best value for the money ever!! Now, I am often a bit skeptical about buying ebooks. Rest assured that this will be the best money you spent if you need fast recovery from an ankle sprain. Having followed Scott's process over the past 4 days since my recent sprain, I am walking normally, with only faint stiffness. The RICE method I had previously adopted has been consigned to the waste bin. Scott's process is actually a please to follow, and the results are immense.
- Dominic Colella, Helensburgh, Scotland

Is H.E.M. for real?
You may be skeptical about how H.E.M. can heal your ankle so FAST, because you are used to R.I.C.E being so SLOW...

But, the simple fact is the body responds amazingly well to the safe, gentle and effective rehab techniques in H.E.M., In fact, many people report significant improvement by the next day!

And remember, we have an iron clad money back guarantee. We will give you back ALL of your money without ANY HASSLE if you aren't totally happy with H.E.M. We take care of returns QUICKLY and PROFESSIONALLY!

Is the H.E.M. system difficult or time consuming?
Not at all. The H.E.M. takes a just few minutes a day and is extremely simple to understand and follow. Remember, we have extremely professional and simple to follow step by step videos AND a full color eBook.

The program will clearly show you what to do from the first moment you injure your ankle until you are fully healed. Again, the whole process will take about 1 week.

Then, if desired, you can continue to use the Prehab section of H.E.M. a few minutes a day to significantly increase the strength and functionality of your ankles for dramatically better and more powerful movement in sports and life.

ankle sprains

Thank you! I've been limping around for almost 2 weeks now and did all the ice, soaking, ace bandage thingy which did nothing for the pain or the re-swelling after I walked a little bit. I got the program and just wanted to let you know, by the next morning the swelling was down by half! We couldn't believe how much the swelling went down overnight. Thank you!
- Anthony Ware, Chattanooga , TN

Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back
The H.E.M. Rehab and Prehab program has helped so many thousands of people recover quickly and fully from their ankle injuries, we are confident you will experience fast and effective healing.

Simply try the H.E.M. Ankle Rehab Program for up to 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund. No hassles. That is our Risk Free Guarantee to you. So download the H.E.M. Ankle Rehab program now and begin the healing process immediately.

ankle sprain

I sprained my ankle 5 days before a holiday. It was a pretty bad sprain... I found the H.E.M. system and to my amazement my ankle healed in record time. I was able to do all the activities on holiday including water skiing. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Thank you for providing such incredible information.
- Vinod Patel, London, UK

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(*Margo KL (December 2008). "Review: many adults still have pain and subjective instability at 1 year after acute lateral ankle sprain". Evid Based Med 13 (6): 187.)